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Pediatrics Clerkship

Our peds rotation is 6 weeks, 3 inpatient & 3 outpatient. At Penn we are lucky in that we get to do our inpatient at CHOP, but we make up for it by driving for hrs. to outpatient sites in the greater Philadelphia area. The rumors / stereotypes are true: people on peds are nice. What makes peds difficult is that you are expected to master all of medicine for kids in 6 weeks (& remember, kids are not just small adults ... actually they kind of are, we just dose them based on body weight, but whatever, they're cute).

So now to the important stuff, how do you perform well & rock the shelf?

  • Books for the Shelf:
    • BRS Pediatrics (Board Review Series)
      • An excellent general review with pertinent questions at the end of each chapter, plus a full practice exam at the end of the book. Read this book 1st.
      • This is a standout text in the BRS series & a better alternative to Blueprints or First-Aid.
    • Case Files Pediatrics (Lange Case Files)
      • Read this after completing BRS to highlight high-yield information.
      • Easy read w. short vignettes, you are guaranteed to see similar cases on the Shelf exam.
    • Pediatrics Pretest (Pretest Series)
      • The best of the somewhat subpar question books for peds, it's okay, but unlike for Ob/Gyn Pretest + Case Files doesn't necessarily = excellent score, peds is just really broad and makes for a difficult 1st shelf.
      • Much better than Appleton & Lange (stay away).
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