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Amazing General Resources

Below are the must have books / sites / programs that WILL make your life easier in med school (for specific subjects & clerkships see the appropriate post, below are overarching resources in alphabetical order).

  • Access Medicine - Provides practice tests (same questions as "Pre-Test" for Step 1, Step 2 & the Shelf exams). Check with your school to see if you have access.
  • EndNote - if you ever tried to write a paper for publication without EndNote you were missing out.
    • EndNote locates reference data and creates bibliographies for curricula vitae, manuscripts, grant proposals, term papers and other publications. Simply select a publication by name from over 1000 journals and styles guides and EndNote will generate a perfectly formatted document.
    • Download a free trial or ask around school, every lab should have a licensed copy.
  • Enounce-2xav
    • Allows you to speed up or slow down content in RealPlayer
    • Amazing for watching lectures in 1/2 the time (if you're lucky enough to go to a med school that uploads them) & for watching suture videos & 0.5x.
    • Cost $30 but you get 2 access codes so you can split this purchase with a buddy, best $30 bucks I spent the 1st yr. of med school.
  • Maxwell's Quick Refernce Cards - These are especially useful for your first rotation when writing notes & performing H&Ps are not yet routine tasks.
  • USMLE Blog, Medical Heaven & Medical E-books - Two sites with thousands of free medical textbooks for download (not sure about copyright infringement).
  • MD Consult - Tons of free e-books & the ability to save stuff you want to your PDA. Check with your school to see if you have access.
  • PubMed - because everyone needs a good journal article now & then.
  • (SDN) - Limit your time, and read selectively, but there is some excellent information here.
  • Up-to-Date - A comprehensive evidence-based clinical information resource with almost everything you will ever need to know. Integrated with Lexi-Comp for all of your pharmacy formulary needs.
  • The Clinician's Ultimate Reference - Tons of medical calculators for common formulas, drug dosing guidelines and conversions, algorithms & more!
  • VauleMd Free Downloads - Links to various medical downloads, including the entire set of Pre-Test text books. You need to register (free) to access the posts.
  • Wikipedia: Medicine Portal - A great starting place to get a topical overview and lead to quality references.


Anonymous said...

People should definitely check out It's a blog by a former second-year student in the Caribbean with some really, really good advice and tips for Step 1. He's not posting there anymore because he's since gone on to 3rd year in Philly, but everything is still up.

Anonymous said...

the e-books links are great. Thank you!

Hospitalist Jobs said...

These are amazing resources and they have been very helpful in my journey through medical school!

Anonymous said...

Can I clone your article to my blog? Thank you…

Anonymous said...

I've been using a lot lately -- has some really nice dosing calculators