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Med-Spot on Med-Souce: Smoothmed

Med-Spot 4.18.07 - Botox Boutiques

On East 59th Street in Manhattan a new cosmetics salon is set to open. Instead of offering mani-pedis to busy New Yorkers in a pinch for time, Smoothmed (the name of the new boutique) offers stoppers-by a small does of paresthesia on their lunch hour. “Botox-on-the-go is the way we like to think of it,” said Dr. Andrew I. Elkwood, an owner of Smoothmed.

Smoothmed Botox Boutique
I have to say I am not wholly opposed to the idea. I think it will be an economic goldmine an anticipate Botox Service Stations popping up all over Suburbia and being incorporated into high end full-service salons. Fueled by aging baby-boomers age, the anti-wrinkle industry has a market ready and waiting. A botox-trained family practice MD is slated to serve as one Smootmed's full time injectors. Although some dermatologist and plastic surgeons who offer botox in their offices are dubious of the quality offered in a mass market setting, I think they are likely just jealous that someone else thought of the idea first. Focused botox training, rather than a derm residency will likely produce better technicians, and I bet PAs and RNs will soon replace the MDs in these boutiques and further increase the profit margin.

See the full article in the N.Y. Times here.

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